If there was a realtor of the year it would be Paula Barrett. Marcie Thomas is also excellent but I had more interfacing with Paula so this review will be primarily about Paula. Not only does Paula have first hand knowledge of the local area, she is a superb negotiator and really understands the intricacies of the real estate market. She knows what buyers want and what will get you top dollar. To that end, she goes to so much extra effort to arrange trades people for you and even supervises the work. She and her team provided us with so much extra help including some packing, relocating things and spiffing up the house. We could not have faced this daunting task without her help. Even more important than her incredible expertise is her caring personality. She is always concerned with staying on budget and is 100% ethical. She holds your hand when you need it and calms your worries. We also shared a lot of laughs and I could not imagine a realtor better than Paul and her team.